Regular Service Contracts

Operation in the various fields of roll servicing over the years has made the us a natural choice for taking full responsibility for customers’ service needs.

Our experienced personnel can tailor regular service contracts to meet the specific needs of each customer. The regular service contracts can cover an individual service field or a larger whole. A comprehensive machine analysis provides the natural basis for each contract. By taking customers’ needs into consideration and providing a wide product and service selection, we have created a successful operations model. Ensuring sufficient resources with a dedicated contact person for each customer, along with designated deputies, guarantees the continuous availability of our personnel.

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Jyrki Mattila, Tel. +358 40 524 47 86 , e-mail;

Jari Raunio, Tel. +358 40 561 66 50 , e-mail;

Erkki Ojutkangas +358 40 552 90 33, e-mail;