Mechanical Service

Our extensive product and service range includes Roll Service, Roll Repair and Roll Modernization for all roll types.

AK Roll Service provides different level of mechanical service packages from full service to inspection service for our customers needs. All mechanical service packages include a check up procedure to detect possible repair needs that can be fixed during the initial roll service procedure.

Additional services and products, including new rolls and roll covers, are available to complete our range so that You can take full advantage of our one-stop-shop concept.

All our roll products and services are carefully chosen to ensure that the customer’s rolls remain in good technical condition and serving faultlessly for their next planned running period after mechanical service.

We can also follow the maintenance history of an individual roll, and plan future service actions on grounds of that information.

The aim of our modernizations is to improve the technical functioning of a roll while extending its life spand.

Our products, services and modernizations are technologically and cost effective.